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Processor: 2.0 GHz
Memory: 512 MB
Free space: 500 MB
Others: 1024x768 screen resolution High color, 32-bit display
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Photology 2.0.117 03/12/08 Free English
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8

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Amazing photo manager with advanced searching filters

Elena Santos

Recent changes

  • Based on the overwhelming response of our new friends all over the world, this version has a donation button built into Photology so users can show their appreciation if they want.
  • Nice interface
  • Automatic photo collection
  • Innovative search filters
  • Great tools to share photos
  • Thumbnails can't be resized
  • Horizontal scrolling is uncomfortable
  • Program has barely any configuration settings

Can't find the photo of Uncle Ted wearing that orange polka dot tuxedo taken a few years ago at the 4th of July party on the beach? No problem. Your nine trillion gigabyte hard drive is no match for Photology! You know the expression, "finding a needle in a haystack," right? Thanks to Photology, haystacks of photos will get a lot smaller, making it much easier to find the "needle" you're looking for – even if that needle is an orange polka dot tuxedo.


Most photo software requires you to tag your photos or relies on organized folders. But not Photology! Photology analyzes your photos so you can search for them as if you were telling a story, using intuitive search filters that reflect the way people think and remember. No tags – no folders – Photology just knows your photos.


Looking through your photos can be a chore because it just takes too long. And no one likes to do chores. But because Photology can search through 10,000 photos in less than a second to find 3,000 photos with plants, or 1,000 with beaches, or 56 with just the right shade of purple, looking at your photos is no longer a chore.


Where's the photo of you in that pink silk jacket from last year? You may remember the jacket, but not recall where the photo was taken. We won't ask why you own a pink silk jacket; it's none of our business. But you could find this photo by searching for the color pink, or photos taken outside (because you're now remembering something about a statue of a general in a park?)

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